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Democracy Daily

Vol : 4, No. : 286

This is a journal about politic. Current issue in Myanmar government and business sectors can read here.


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The Voice Daily

Vol : 5, No. : 166

Voice is mostly amplify and reflect the voice of public. Not only the journal try to collect true news happened weekly, but also it include articles, foreign affairs, entertainment etc,.


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Popular Journal

Vol : 21, No. : 42

Popular Journal focus on celebrity news and fashion sector of Myanmar people. The Issue is one of the famous issue in Myanmar.


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Morning Post Journal

Vol : 3, No. : 728

This Journal is mainly about fashion and celebrities. Weekly fashion, interviews and articles about artist environments include in this journal.


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Yadanarpon Daily

Vol : 26, No. : 176

Yadanarpon issue is mainly about the news of Mandalay which is the second largest city of Myanmar. The Yadanabon is a government-run daily newspaper.


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New Light of Myanmar Daily

Vol : 4, No. : 189

Formerly The New Light of Burma) is a government-owned newspaper published by the Ministry of Information. This is a daily base newspaper and the majority of domestic news and articles.


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Myawady Daily

Vol : 7, No. : 188

Myawadi News Journal run by military's Information and Public Relations department. The issue have all general news's sectors.


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Myanma Allin Daily

Vol : 57, No. : 123

This Journal is one of the longest running daily newspaper in Myanmar. Owned by government and publish by Ministry of Information of Myanmar. It include both domestic and foreign news.


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The Mirror Daily

No. : 9086

Kyae Mone or Mirror newspaper is a state-owned Burmese-language daily newspaper based in Yangon, Myanmar. Along with Myanmar Alin, Kyemon is one of two Burmese language national newspapers in the country. Kyemon tends to carry more human interest stories whereas Myanmar Alin is more geared towards publishing government propaganda.


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Sun Rays

Vol : 1, No. : 170

Sun Rays is only about political news. It mainly criticize(point out) in crony business group and current true government structure.


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Ma Khine Lay hasn't permitted her daughter to act

Auto BaYin, Political Jokes Movie,  is now showing

Htet Yan made a birthday donation with fans at Department of Neurology, Yangon General Hospital

Marriza's 50th Birthday Show

Nay Min Eain will produce his single album by himself

Nine Nine never lose their contacts even though his family lives far away