Yadanarpon Daily

Vol : 26 - No. : 178

Posted Date : 17/Jul/2017

Type : Daily News

Total Pages : 31

View Count: 287

Issue Date: 17/Jul/2017

Website: www.yadanaponnewspaper.blogspot.com

Yadanarpon issue is mainly about the news of Mandalay which is the second largest city of Myanmar. The Yadanabon is a government-run daily newspaper.


  • 20/Oct/2017
  • You can say this journal is a very colorful with many categories. Daily base issues are lunch every day. Domestic and international news in entertainment, sport, business and article.

  • No. : 1601
  • 20/Oct/2017
  • Many category in this journal. Basely on daily news in categories like business, entertainment, politics, regional, Sports and ever world news, etc,.

  • No. : 583
  • 20/Oct/2017
  • Modern Journal mostly focus on general issues. You can find variety of sections in modern journal. So that both people with old ages and youths love to read it.

  • Vol : 12, No. : 28
  • 20/Oct/2017
  • This journal give you information about current news, events and photos.

Kantawgyi Palace Hotel Fired

Kantawgyi Palace Hotel, Yangon

Kantawgyi Palace Hotel Fired

Mister Earth Myanmar 2017

Sedona Hotel Yangon, Yangon

Mister Earth Myanmar 2017

Artists from Yay Kyaw Fair

Pazuntaung Township, Yangon

Artists from Yay Kyaw Fair

A Yine can't keep acting like Ko Tint

Who got gold medal at world Mr.universe

U Phyo Min Thein is trying to use waterway for container transport

The world largest museum 'Aquatis'

'Freeze by Ma' Movie Shooting making

Philippines' Duterte declares liberation of Marawi from ISIS-affiliated militants