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Internet Journal
Vol : 15, No. : 50
Posted Date : 22/Dec/2014
Internet journal is about technical issues. It inform you about update mobile phones news, computer news, news products and even cars information.
Health Digest Journal
Vol : 12, No. : 13
Posted Date : 22/Dec/2014
This journal is about health. You can find productive articles about health, interview on how celebrities take care their health and skin, how to take healthy food information that can help you to get a healthy life and family.
Flower News Journal
Vol : 10, No. : 50
Posted Date : 22/Dec/2014
Flower News Journal is a weekly base journal. This journal also have money have many categories. Both update local and international news are present lavishly in this journal.
Yadanarpon Daily
Vol : 23, No. : 236
Posted Date : 22/Dec/2014
Yadanarpon issue is mainly about the news of Mandalay which is the second largest city of Myanmar. The Yadanabon is a government-run daily newspaper.

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  Bullocks Release Free Festival 
  Time  08:00 AM - 03:00 PM  
  Date  From 28-Dec-2014 To 28-Dec-2014  
  Place   Mandalay
  Strong Flower Female philanthropic Team fund fair 
  Time  7:00 PM - 9:00 PM  
  Date  From 24-Dec-2014 To 24-Dec-2014  
  Place   National Theater, Mandalay
  Lel Ti Part Time Meditation Center 
  Time  5:00 PM - 7:00 PM  
  Date  From 20-Dec-2014 To 26-Dec-2014  
  Place   Myat Thiha Buddhist Ordination Hall, Dawbon, Yangon
  Ye Yint Aung's New Solo Album Promotion Show 
  Time  1:00 PM - 5:00 PM  
  Date  From 25-Dec-2014 To 25-Dec-2014  
  Place   Junction Maw Tin, Yangon
  Christmas Night Singer Lin Lin's Orchestra Show  
  Time  7:00 AM - 9:30 AM  
  Date  From 25-Dec-2014 To 25-Dec-2014  
  Place   Shwe Htut Tin Field, Near Sky Star Hotel, Tarmwe, Yangon

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88<sup>th</sup> Macy´s Thanksgiving Day Parade
New York City
88th Macy´s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Sunny Side Egg Art

Sunny Side Egg Art
Realist Artist Ivan Hoo
Realist Artist Ivan Hoo