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Daily Eleven

Posted Date : 31/Oct/2014
You can say this journal is a very colorful with many categories. Daily base issues are lunch every day. Domestic and international news in entertainment, sport, business and article.
7 Day Daily
No. : 548
Posted Date : 31/Oct/2014
Many category in this journal. Basely on daily news in categories like business, entertainment, politics, regional, Sports and ever world news, etc,.
Yadanarpon Daily
Vol : 23, No. : 184
Posted Date : 31/Oct/2014
Yadanarpon issue is mainly about the news of Mandalay which is the second largest city of Myanmar. The Yadanabon is a government-run daily newspaper.
The Voice Daily
Vol : 2, No. : 172
Posted Date : 31/Oct/2014
Voice is mostly amplify and reflect the voice of public. Not only the journal try to collect true news happened weekly, but also it include articles, foreign affairs, entertainment etc,.

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One escaped person talked about Famine and Terror in North Korea
Marvel illegal carried and trade from the Ayarwady River
Many Bodies found again in Mexico
Drug over 1900 tablets caught in Tarchileik
Vocalists A-Mon, Leinmaw Thee, Wine Lay Performance today
Many Hip Hop Singers participated Halloween Night Music Show in Swan Hotel Mandaly
19 Trapped Turkey Mine workers were rescued
Cargo Rocket exploded on launch to ISS
Cargo Car clashed with train in Indiana
House Rental rate rise raise Hotel lodgings
Souvenirs auction to do Madonna
Horrible clothing donated Jessi J
Income Pound 6 million each got "One Direction" in 2013
Opening Opera by Keira Nightley's performance
Victory gained Myanmar Disable Athletes were greeted welcome
Protest for lost Mexican Students

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  2nd Times Sein Gay Har Thai Food Festival 2014  
  Time  09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
  Date  From 30-Oct-2014 To 03-Nov-2014
  Place   Sein Gay Har (Pyay Road), Yangon. Myanmar
  Building Materials Myanmar 
  Time  09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
  Date  From 15-Dec-2014 To 17-Dec-2014
  Place   Myanmar Convention Center, Yangon, Myanmar
  Myanmar International Machine Tool and Automation Exhibition 
  Time  09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
  Date  From 27-Nov-2014 To 30-Nov-2014
  Place   Myanmar Convention Center, Yangon, Myanmar
  Time  04:00 PM - 06:00 PM
  Date  From 04-Dec-2014 To 06-Dec-2014
  Place   Myanmar Event Park, Yangon, Myanmar
  Halloween Night Hip Hop Music Show 
  Time  06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  Date  From 31-Oct-2014 To 31-Oct-2014
  Place   Swan Hotel, Mandalay

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Mexico Archaeologists Explore Teotihuacan Tunnel
>> View Slide <<
San Juan Teotihuacán, State of Mexico, Mexico
Mexico Archaeologists Explore Teotihuacan Tunnel
Halloween Dog Parade in New York
>> View Slide <<
New York
Halloween Dog Parade in New York
Dog Worship Day in Nepal
>> View Slide <<
Kathmandu, Nepal
Dog Worship Day in Nepal